A burning pathway
by on October 9, 2012 in Poetry

As the seas float upon the earth,

so the sky floats upon the seas and the earth like a borderless ocean.

The pinnacle of the ancient pyramid above the world

the final stairway, where all paths begin and end,

looks out over the mirror like shimmering surface of the sky-sea,

where the dream of the world swirls like clouds of magical sediment.

I stood with fierce eyes in a different form,

on the right hand side of the empty throne,

my sibling on the left,

and then, from the greatest height,

from the profundity,

I dove with great passion,

into the mirror surface of the sky-pool of the dream of the world,

I dove straight down to the bed rocks of hell,

where I walked with light footed glee over the jagged glaciers and molten crags of hell


And here I am now.

In this form and in this place.

I have taken my last step into ignorance.

No further will I go.

From this point I will burn with blazing light a path back Home,

so all may see clearly and follow in the journey on the eternal road.

I renounce all attachments as I fully embrace this living sacred world.

I utter again, the sacred song of my heart, and my birth-right as an heir to the world,

I truly want nothing, I have no wish, experience is just experienced.

I am the perfect judge of duality,

prior and beyond I am the neutral arbiter,

I am the winner, prize, and fruit of the game.

I am the seed eternal of pure potential

to which and around which the whole fruit of creation

in its infinite matrix of possibilities orders itself:

the seed that the fruit strives to become while ceaselessly arising from it.

The mystery of representation and being,

of existence and information,

of experience and name,

of consciousness and consciousness of,

the union, the evolution, the eternal dance.

Love is All