Who Am I?

Who Am I?

Welcome! Hi!

I’m JJ and this is my Studio website. Here you can shop online @ Studio Store; where you can buy my original designs and creations, as well as hire my services. The Studio website also presents ‘The Creative Life and Works of Julian Jay Roux’: an on-going creative process blog, as well as searchable portfolios of my projects.

But, who am I?

A writer, artist, and designer. Expressing my creativity is my bliss.

I enjoy exploring political issues and philosophical questions through reflective essays and articles. But my real passion is for expressing spiritual experiences and mysteries into poetry and stories.

As an artist I follow the current of vitality in my being that demands expression. I enjoy making spontaneous, intuitive, and personal art. This is my way of exploring my connection to nature, shamanism, healing, and more primal and cosmic aspects of my being.

Design allows me to explore more conceptual and social works. I have a background in urban and industrial product design.  I am especially interested in public-interest, social impact, and open-design. In my own design process I prefer to design social or collaborative and participatory processes that produce products or, better still, new communities. I would like to move deeper into speculative design futures, especially future scenarios revolving around ‘smart’ cities and societies.

Please enjoy getting to know me through my blog and my projects.

Best Wishes

J. J. Roux – 杰 杰 入