Who Am I?

Welcome! Hi!

I’m JJ and this is my Studio website. The Studio website presents ‘The Creative Life and Works of Julian Jay Roux’: an on-going creative process blog, as well as searchable portfolios of my previous and on-going projects.

But, who am I?

A Writer, an Artist, a Designer, and a Mystic. Expressing my creativity is my truth. And my creativity expresses through many different mediums. It is a living thing; a flow, and seems to have seasons and phases. In general it comes back time again to express as words, images, and forms.

I enjoy exploring political issues and philosophical questions through reflective essays and articles. But my real passion is for expressing spiritual experiences and mysteries into poetry and stories.

As an artist I follow the current of vitality in my being that demands expression. I enjoy making spontaneous, intuitive, and personal art. This is my way of exploring my connection to nature, shamanism, healing, and more primal and cosmic aspects of my being: especially pre-personal states of consciousness.

Design allows me to explore more conceptual and social works. I have a background in urban and industrial product design.  I am especially interested in public-interest, social impact, and open-design. In my own design process I prefer to design social or collaborative and participatory processes that produce products or, better still, new communities.

As a designer I would like to move deeper into speculative design futures, especially future scenarios revolving around ‘smart’ cities and societies. As a craftsman and artist I want to move into exploring ethnic manifestations of different concepts through symbols. As a writer I want to move towards performing my work as stand-up poetry and story-telling performances.

Please enjoy getting to know me through my blog and my projects.

Best Wishes

J. J. Roux – 杰 杰 入




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