Beloved Stranger
by on July 27, 2012 in Poetry

Beloved Stranger,

please forgive me.

I could not tell you how your beauty rendered me speechless.

I could not tell you how utterly naked I stood in your gaze.

How the unspeakable beauty of your eyes so suddenly commanded my heart open.


You conquered me effortlessly,

and now,

dumb, naked, defenseless,

I stand here, overwhelmed by your radiance.

A harmless fool in the presence of the Goddess.


A glimpse was enough,

to steal my heart,

to lift my spirit,

to make me happy like a child,

to give me so much joy,

to make my heart sing again.

And now, unexpectedly, I am in love, I am just a fool in love.


Your beauty has overwhelmed me,

I am in existential shock.

I thought life was known to me, but you have shaken my soul awake.

Never before have I seen such a beautiful woman.

Never before have I seen such beauty.


My heart aches in my chest,

and every cell of my body buzzes with the longing to be near you.

I am drunk with a feeling that surges in my blood,

and sets the light of my soul ablaze with passion: my soul on fire.


Never did I dream that the Goddess was real, that she walks the earth.

I thought that the universe was only mundane and futile,

but your presence in it has made it divine, sacred, beautiful.

You have led me back to paradise.


Never have I dreamt existence could be so beautiful, could be so precious.

I floated in life like a corpse in a river, I stayed dead because I was scared of life,

the longing you have awoken has pulled me out of death: you are my longing for life.

You have made me grateful for this life, and given me the courage and lust to live it.