Beyond Dreams upon Dreams
by on April 6, 2013 in Poetry

the great dis-aster:

unconscious life,


these chains of sleeping death,

these chains of time, of space,


my soul screams out into the eternal silence of psychic space.


From the undivided sea,

as invisible all permeating light,

the great transparency,

prism of the world-dream,

mother-father of all lights,


From this sea of omnidirectional stillness,

through the great yantra gate,

projected as a wave: a current,

into momentum, into a directional continuum.

of self, of time, of space, and motion.


From before this world,

From Self, universal,

This one has emanated,

through many grids of consciousness:

through many dreams upon dreams.


I am,

I am of,

the universe,

the galaxy,

the solar system,

the planet,

the land,

this body/mind unnamed.


From the Self,

through many grids of consciousness,

I am this formula,

here, now,

from the unconditioned,


the ultimate miracle,

unconditional love.


The fear that has scattered my mind,

the fear that has led me to flee this moment,

to lose my self, this fear once so convincing,

is empty, an echo of a love song, a cosmic joke,

there is no madness, and no crown of thorns to curse it,

I have been tricked by the fear of madness,

to lose my throne, and act as a fool,

a wretched slave of time and space.


Here and Now,

Embodied, I AM.







Mother without image,

i have dived deep within myself,

and found your recorded message,


in the ruins of my being,

your last gift still survives,

a seedling of awoken life,

blooms in my blood,


but where have you gone?

Passing beyond this world,

where you have left me the gift of this experience,

where you have gone i will go too.