The Creative Life of Julian Jay Roux

Spirit-Lines: Transpersonal Design
3 years, 9 months ago Comments Off on Spirit-Lines: Transpersonal Design

I first came across the concept of spirit-lines during a shamanic ceremony; where the magic circle was broken to leave a gap in it. The purpose of this gap: the “spirit line” is meant to leave a room for the spirit to move freely as it wills. It resonated deeply. I looked into it deeper […]

A Design Masters: RCA or Scholarship?
3 years, 10 months ago Comments Off on A Design Masters: RCA or Scholarship?

So this is more of a personal research post than anything. I will continue to update it as I make research into funding a Masters and finding fully-funded Masters. Last year I was accepted into the Innovation Design Engineering (IDE) program at the RCA London. It is a really prestigious double masters: an MA from […]

Residencies & International Collaborations
3 years, 10 months ago Comments Off on Residencies & International Collaborations This is a Gem. This website lists a lot of residency institutions by geographic location on a map! Then each individual residency host has their own page with all the necessary information: location, duration, content, and then crucially if the host pays for the residency, or the artist has to pay for the residency. […]

Competition: CUBE Residency
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3 months in Limburg, NL as resident designer to a brand spanking new design muesum. They also have a really exciting project about sanitation and want me as part of an international team of designer from South Africa, and India to develop and make a new design project. I have some skype interviews coming up, […]

Competition: NUUK residency
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A month in Greenland? How amazing what that be? Who could say no? Anyway, its a shot in the dark but I gave it a go: here is my application cover letter: Hi Guys, I am from London, and I recently graduated from the Design Academy Eindhoven with my latest project which was about special […]

Competition: UK Design Council Spark
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So just applied to this competition with Relatvistic Surfaces. This is just the inital phase of the application and I just had to tell them briefly about me and my project via video: Hopefully this will help me get the advice, funding, and support to commercialize this project and take it to market. Fingers crossed […]

Transpersonal Design
3 years, 10 months ago Comments Off on Transpersonal Design

I want to share my transpersonal approach to design with you. It’s an approach that has crystallized out of my continued design practice and out of a common thread of thought and feeling that is present in all of my most sincere and self-initiated projects. My dissertation: “Making and the Transpersonal Future” sets the scene. Within the […]

3 years, 10 months ago Comments Off on Presence
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In my presence, is the presence. Only through my presence, can I come to the presence. For my presence, free from the ideas of “I” and “my”, is pure presence. Beyond all forms, colours, feelings, Beyond all transient phenomena, the sense, existential, THAT I AM: the very fact of BEING, the permanence of PRESENCE, is the only […]

Just Love
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What do others think of me? In the market place of egos, small hearts, like tight leather purses, measure out, barter, and trade ever only, in the scarcity of conditional love.   But who cares, who gives, and who receives love?   The circumference of a skin, does not delineate the full volume of Self. No seperate […]

Therapy to Tantra
3 years, 10 months ago Comments Off on Therapy to Tantra

I’ve been sitting in therapy; pursuing self-development for years now. So I have had my fair share of insights. An important part of my process now is acknowledging how far I have come and opening up and sharing about it. It is a fascinating truth that personal insights have at their core a kind of […]