The Creative Life of Julian Jay Roux

Bear Witness:
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Bear witness: I scatter all external coordinates of identity to the wind. I will never be lost again. There is only one universal center, only a single universal heart. I cast away the false sense of apparent unique center of sight, of sound, of touch, of taste, of smell, of thought. I cast away the […]

The Desire for Birth
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Resting in inner space, a golden orb of energy, with  a point of eternal light at its core: the subtle anatomy of a soul, resting in sublime bliss: neither projecting nor receiving information.   In the refuge of this rarefied realm, so subtle, desire can not even target it, so beyond migration and the theater […]

Union with the Enemy
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He is a mystery to me; this reptillian anti-buddha.   In his eyes, the unknowable motives of an immortal.   In his look, a flash of recognition, ignites the black fire of an ancient hatred.   His cold scaly hands lunge forward to choke my throat, and in his touch I learn of him; of […]

Born as Mercy
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there is no mundane reality; no linear causality, no sequence of reigning possibilities, there is only mundance persception, of eternal omnipotence. Only through relative resonance, do latent possibilities have relative reality. Only Infinite Potential is, all that is real. O, with winged persception, to soar in truth, without notion of duration, without notion of distance, […]

A Rose from a Stranger
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through her heart, carried away helpless, in the river of her relentless love, was I brought to the ocean, of the eternal presence of love, my being melted away, into that eternal landscape; horizonless love, is all there is, and all there ever was.

The Karmic Garment
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the karmic garment: causality woven into thought; habitual yet adaptive: a reactive intelligence: a self sustaining equilibrium that one calls ‘me’ and honours as a person: the subject exalted beyond the object: the impersonal: exalted as other to and above the common thermodynamic destiny, of the one energy. consciousness: existence: who i am, is so […]

Eternal Fire
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A great Lightning bolt stands burning in the day sky. It stands like a tower of light, soaring beyond halos upon halos of clouds. Stretching into the thinnest blue light of the sky, into the deepest heavens beyond all sight, bursting forth from the hypostasis of existence itself. To the very core of the earth […]

Unified Field
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The brightest light in the universe: all-permeating, reflectionless, invisible, unknowable, is the source; and the peak of the spectrum, from which all worldly lights decay. It is, Omniscience, Awareness, the Almighty. All atoms enlightened, all quanta awoken; dissolved, unified, as hollow particles of information, into the medium of infinite mystery: the unified field of supreme […]

7 years, 5 months ago Comments Off on Nobody
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the invisible man, slips through all barriers easily, meeting no resistance. moving swiftly along the path, with all focus on the goal, he has already forgotten, the path behind him. a life lived anonymously.

Twin Flames
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the clouds effervesce with light in rhythm with the words that she spoke without speaking, and all around us a mystic wind of flowing light, and all i could do was keep breathing, Lightning flashed in her eyes as she pierced into my mind as silent as an eagle diving, she took hold of me, […]