The Creative Life of Julian Jay Roux

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The Law of a country can be said to be the collective values of that country: the self-defining index of the group identity. In this light a breach of the law can be equated to the breach stage described in Turner’s model of Social Drama: “ in the first stage, Breach, a person or subgroup […]

William Carlos Williams: Consciousness, Knowledge, and Word
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But at present knowledge is placed before a man as if it were a stair at the top of which a DEGREE is obtained which is superlative. Nothing could be more ridiculous.  To data there is no end.  There is proficiency in dissection and a knowledge of parts but in the use of knowledge—                                                                         […]

Young Whale
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I follow my mother, moving with the changing currents, and ever-new shades blue, of That – endless space. In her slip stream of grace, we fly weightless in horizonless love. In the cool deep darkness we go, beyond pitch black we disappear. Luring the unguided with false lights, the luminous giant squid of mind; its […]

The Adoration of Madonna
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Bless me my Lords, Bless me so that this one may write well while he can write, for I have seen, just as a baby moves from crawling to walking, one day this one shall move beyond all words and the knowing of words, and beyond all things that words can know. This day i […]

Warriors of the Now
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I have been a woman and I have been a man, and I have had husbands and I have had wives. I see the past in the present, and I honour the present. Living  ever passingly upon the abode of stranger’s welcomes, with no safe place or sanctuary, we of our family have no assets […]

Evolving Quanta
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Perfect Mirror Perfectly Reflecting Perfect Mirror   Perfect Mirror’s Perfect Self-Reflection is the first image in the Mirror. The reflection in the mirror is not real: the image in the mirror is illusion. Only the Empty Mirror is Real.   Consciousness Conscious Of Consciousness.   ‘Consciousness Of’ is itself Experience. The experiences experienced by Consciousness, […]

Uni Verse
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The One is the Singer of this Song, Sung for The One.

My Role as a Designer
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Material objects are the point in space and time where conceptual thought meets matter, and shapes, and lives in it. This is how I see it. Culture can be described as a semiotic map of human intelligence defined by the reference points of its own material expression. This map has no self-conscious architect; rather it […]

Design and the Culture of Consumption
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The Culture of Consumption In the west we give printed paper social value and call it money, and in tribal cultures they give printed skin social value and call it ceremony.  However it looks, culture lives through material representations. Culture lives through written and spoken word, through Art, through Objects and Clothing, through Architecture and […]

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  Bodies come, and go. But, what name calls out to the primordial silence?   Countless as autumn leaves on a forest path are the incarnations One must tred underfoot on the path of evolutionary incarnation.   So many mortal names have drummed the living skin of eternity. But, what need is there for a […]