The Creative Life of Julian Jay Roux

The Divine Promise
7 years, 11 months ago Comments Off on The Divine Promise
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i saw him, his body of light, his transparent feet ablaze, walking the common ground, which seemed a soup of milk, cosmic light and atoms of sacred origin, walking ablaze towards the window of my vision, towards this inadequate one, the one, what trivial game is this world i open my eyes to? His feet […]

La Illah Ila Allah
7 years, 11 months ago Comments Off on La Illah Ila Allah
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There is no explanation for this form, i have but one faith with but one belief, the one energy moves only towards the realization of its self. This thing of two eyes, skin, and hair, this moment in all its form and splendor, there is but one energy and the human body is its realized […]

A burning pathway
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As the seas float upon the earth, so the sky floats upon the seas and the earth like a borderless ocean. The pinnacle of the ancient pyramid above the world the final stairway, where all paths begin and end, looks out over the mirror like shimmering surface of the sky-sea, where the dream of the […]

Pure Longing for Transcendence
7 years, 11 months ago Comments Off on Pure Longing for Transcendence
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I hear music now, for they are celebrating a change within me, I will rise, and I will wake, and I won’t stop or stagnate, In the fire of transmutation: flames of the shapeless flux, of possibilities in exponential multiplication, burn bright until their spark ignites, into a blazing star of pure potential. I am […]

7 years, 11 months ago Comments Off on En3rgy
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I am Energy. Beyond Good. Beyond Bad. Infinity has made me Conscious, and Consciousness has set me on Fire. As a Flame is Energy released from form, so then Consciousness is being released from Identity I will spread the flame: the Light and the Love, until all reality is burnt away, and Being becomes a […]

I love her
7 years, 11 months ago Comments Off on I love her
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that space, that hall way – that empty space between the living murals of illusion and time – that corridor of endless doors, that long deep cave of endless portals, and beyond that pearl, beyond the ancient vineyard where ripples of light and shadow give birth to life in the throne room, on that seat, […]

Tat Gu Ru Ji
7 years, 11 months ago Comments Off on Tat Gu Ru Ji
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Awareness is itself Existence, for Oblivion unobserved by Oblivion is not. Awareness is itself the Ultimate Substance: Intrinsic and Irreducible and so not a structure of an other substance. Awareness is the Great and Joyous Living Substance of Existence itself, exploring every possible limited structure it can make as it strives to fully express its […]

Hume’s Contribution to the Freewill Problem
8 years ago Comments Off on Hume’s Contribution to the Freewill Problem
Posted in: Academic Essays

Hume derives his position on the freewill problem from his theory of meaning, and so his contribution is founded in his epistemological arguments. Because of the peculiarity of the epistemological foundations for his freewill arguments there is some controversy over what his position actually is. For example Logical Positivists, who believe experience is necessary for […]

Beauty Now
8 years, 2 months ago Comments Off on Beauty Now
Posted in: Design

Beauty is a universal existential experience. No matter who we are, where we live, or the life we have had, we have all experienced beauty. Beauty transcends all outward identity, be it sex, age, or race because it appeals to the soul, to our common humanity: to the universal witness within us all. Beauty is […]

Wisdom Heart
8 years, 2 months ago Comments Off on Wisdom Heart
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As Attachment is Ignorance, So Detachment is Pure Ignorance. As Detachment is not Non-Attachement, So Empty-Closedness is not the natural freedom of Open-Emptiness. As Ignorance is the circumference of a Closed-Heart, So Wisdom is the ever enduring Love of a Wide-Open-Heart! May All Beings Be Happy, May Existence Supply Them With All Their Needs, May […]