The Creative Life of Julian Jay Roux

Lightning Dragon
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Illuminating depthless Oblivion, A lightning bolt of ultimate power! With Flashing wings, limbs, and head, its thunder is cosmic laughter that destroys illusion! Laughing it destroys distance, Laughing it destroys durations, Laughing it destroys relative information, Laughing, it has compassion. Cosmic Laughing Lightning Dragon! Flashing ultimate energy Thundering Cosmic Laughter, Beyond Space, Time, and Realities, […]

Beloved Stranger
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Beloved Stranger, please forgive me. I could not tell you how your beauty rendered me speechless. I could not tell you how utterly naked I stood in your gaze. How the unspeakable beauty of your eyes so suddenly commanded my heart open. ¬† You conquered me effortlessly, and now, dumb, naked, defenseless, I stand here,¬†overwhelmed […]