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Residencies & International Collaborations
3 years, 10 months ago Comments Off on Residencies & International Collaborations This is a Gem. This website lists a lot of residency institutions by geographic location on a map! Then each individual residency host has their own page with all the necessary information: location, duration, content, and then crucially if the host pays for the residency, or the artist has to pay for the residency. […]

Competition: CUBE Residency
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3 months in Limburg, NL as resident designer to a brand spanking new design muesum. They also have a really exciting project about sanitation and want me as part of an international team of designer from South Africa, and India to develop and make a new design project. I have some skype interviews coming up, […]

Competition: NUUK residency
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A month in Greenland? How amazing what that be? Who could say no? Anyway, its a shot in the dark but I gave it a go: here is my application cover letter: Hi Guys, I am from London, and I recently graduated from the Design Academy Eindhoven with my latest project which was about special […]

Competition: UK Design Council Spark
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So just applied to this competition with Relatvistic Surfaces. This is just the inital phase of the application and I just had to tell them briefly about me and my project via video: Hopefully this will help me get the advice, funding, and support to commercialize this project and take it to market. Fingers crossed […]