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The Sighing of Hearts.
3 years, 7 months ago Comments Off on The Sighing of Hearts.

In intimate lonely moments, my heart gives a little sigh. The intensity of time; its relentless haste, and my heart, anxious to live and not miss, the full potential of a fully lived life, sighs at the potential in the moment that it can feel but not express.   Time moves us swiftly on a […]

3 years, 7 months ago Comments Off on Mythic Dragons: A Story-Telling

  Here is my first video of the Dragon Creation Myth. This is a story I wrote and came up with for perfomance infront of 200-300 people at the Dartmoor Arts summer school festival. The story has evolved somewhat since then, and even since this last video. So if I find the time I may […]

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In my presence, is the presence. Only through my presence, can I come to the presence. For my presence, free from the ideas of “I” and “my”, is pure presence. Beyond all forms, colours, feelings, Beyond all transient phenomena, the sense, existential, THAT I AM: the very fact of BEING, the permanence of PRESENCE, is the only […]

Just Love
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What do others think of me? In the market place of egos, small hearts, like tight leather purses, measure out, barter, and trade ever only, in the scarcity of conditional love.   But who cares, who gives, and who receives love?   The circumference of a skin, does not delineate the full volume of Self. No seperate […]

A Gift of Living Love
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Self, No longer bound by the horizon of appearances, yawns serenly into bordless and depthless vastness: an ocean of awareness, into which the rivers of experience freely stream, and freely dissolve. Self, No longer bound by identity with the image, bridles the gnashing bite of suffering, and mounts as master the living image of its […]

The Silencing
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Like a fragile butterfly crossing an abyss, the voice born in speech, that dies in silence, clings to existence, with endless comment. exhausted and fearful, expending endless effort, to pronounce its self in to existence, to fend off its extinction: the eternal absence of its presence. but the object of speech, that would dot the […]

Loving Maha Maya Devi
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The end of suffering, is the realization, that no one suffered. – Images, floating up and inevitably sinking, in the stream of appearances: – Images, that identified with, become the ‘I’: in turn, attaching to images to suffer desire as they sink, rejecting images to suffer fear as they rise: – The ‘I’, itself an […]

Kingdom of Bliss
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Within awareness, the beginning-less, and end-less, river of Bliss, courses with ever permuting, waves of form; of rising and then exhausting Bliss, ever to be renewed, in the lovely and enjoyable, contact of awareness with awareness: Self with Self, in the play of Self-Experience. – Wave-Forms in the flow of bliss: information in experience, are […]

Bear Witness:
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Bear witness: I scatter all external coordinates of identity to the wind. I will never be lost again. There is only one universal center, only a single universal heart. I cast away the false sense of apparent unique center of sight, of sound, of touch, of taste, of smell, of thought. I cast away the […]

The Desire for Birth
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Resting in inner space, a golden orb of energy, with  a point of eternal light at its core: the subtle anatomy of a soul, resting in sublime bliss: neither projecting nor receiving information.   In the refuge of this rarefied realm, so subtle, desire can not even target it, so beyond migration and the theater […]