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  Here is my first video of the Dragon Creation Myth. This is a story I wrote and came up with for perfomance infront of 200-300 people at the Dartmoor Arts summer school festival. The story has evolved somewhat since then, and even since this last video. So if I find the time I may […]

Union with the Enemy
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He is a mystery to me; this reptillian anti-buddha.   In his eyes, the unknowable motives of an immortal.   In his look, a flash of recognition, ignites the black fire of an ancient hatred.   His cold scaly hands lunge forward to choke my throat, and in his touch I learn of him; of […]

The One - Act 1: Scene 1
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The One or Theater of the Transcendental Past-times of the Supreme Personality of the God-Head.   Act One: Scene One; An Allegorical Masque of the Creation of Reality from Emptiness, and the Incarnation of the Highest Personality of the Godhead.   Materials   Golden Peacock Feather Mask Bright Adjustable Strobe Light   Black Sad Mask […]