Competition: CUBE Residency

Competition: CUBE Residency
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3 months in Limburg, NL as resident designer to a brand spanking new design muesum. They also have a really exciting project about sanitation and want me as part of an international team of designer from South Africa, and India to develop and make a new design project.

I have some skype interviews coming up, looks positive!

Heres the cover letter:

I would like to apply for the Cube residency.

First thing first, I do speak and read Dutch! But my written Dutch is still terrible! So I will write in English.

I am from London, and I recently graduated from the Design Academy Eindhoven with my latest project which was about special tiles to create a spatial installation in a gallery or museum. In that spatial installation the public is confronted with existential evidence of the subjective nature of experience.

Now that I finished my Hbo finally ( Yay 🙂 ) I am going to work freelance and look for residencies and interships with artists. I feel my studies must continue but in a more personal way. I feel i missed something at the Design Academy, and I am looking for it. I feel an exhibition is like a long bridge between the designer/artist and the public, infact the bridge is so long it is almost like a wall. I would like work directly with the public, break the wall between exhibition and daily life, and make the public the true subject of my work. Call it social design, or performance art, interaction design, or urban community art. In the nexus of all these subjects is where i would like to be.

I feel a residency at Cube would give me the time to explore where I belong in these subjects.

Kind regards,


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