Competition: NUUK residency

Competition: NUUK residency
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A month in Greenland? How amazing what that be? Who could say no? Anyway, its a shot in the dark but I gave it a go: here is my application cover letter:

Hi Guys,
I am from London, and I recently graduated from the Design Academy Eindhoven with my latest project which was about special tiles to create a spatial installation in a gallery or museum. In that spatial installation the public is confronted with existential evidence of the subjective nature of experience.

Now that I finished my BA (yay) I am going to work freelance and look for residencies and interships with artists. I feel my studies must continue but in a more personal way. I feel i missed something at the Design Academy. Actually, before I was supposed to graduate in 2014, I took a year out to study ceramic and glass crafts.

At this school of crafts I finally got a taste of what I was missing. Design at the design academy is often a very abstract visual and conceptual activity. I think design can be so mental its like some visual philosophy, dried up and dusty. In contrast, Craft is really juicy and alive. You make real contact with the world through the raw elements, through materials, and that is something I really need in my work. I need to be in contact with life or reality and crafts for me is really about this contact with real and the local rather than the conceptual and abstract.

Working with craftmen and craftwomen I became really aware that everything is connected by a series of real living relationships. The clay producers has a relationship with the geology of the earth, its smells it minerals and colours. The potter has a relationship with the clay and its potential. Like all relationships, these take time to make, you have to learn where the clay is, how the clay behaves, and these things like a human relationship, you learn in time through contact.

These real living relationships is what fascnates me at the moment. They are everywhere and invisible. The thing made in china seems generic, but actually the worker has a relationship to the factory, and someone else has a relationship to the material, and the guy who finds the raw material has a living relationship with the local earth there etc.

So I would love to hang with you in Greenland and learn about and work with traditional crafts.

Kind regards,

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