The Sighing of Hearts.
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The Sighing of Hearts.

In intimate lonely moments,

my heart gives a little sigh.

The intensity of time;

its relentless haste, and my heart,

anxious to live and not miss,

the full potential of a fully lived life,

sighs at the potential in the moment

that it can feel but not express.


Time moves us swiftly on a ballistic trajectory,

towards the horizon of our annihilation:

so fast we barely can discern,

in the continuum’s blur,

those openings into other destinies;

wished for or unwanted, that would trace us

another life, in parallel yet unexperienced,

for the sake of a crucial moment missed.


But all this is but a construct, an assumption in error,

of a person who choses, when in reality,

there is only karmic momentum and identification.

So who is there to care, where the mind may migrate.

Looking out, not inwards, creates the linear current of time,

that courses through the infinite landscapes of possible experience.

All the while, eternal potential transcends direction, line, and time.


Original Infinite Potential does not diminish at the manifestation of a limited possibility:

the eternal opening is ever now!

Sigh no more little heart.

Stop your waiting, for all your chances to live are now!

In your core, beyond identity, is the source and master of all time and projection.

Look not to the screen, but invert your attention.

For a portal is the body and mind into specific time and located space,

but all doors open bothways. So step through your Self,

into the eternal, and the free.

For in you is the love that can fill this empty and vast continuum,

and make your passage through it the roaring crest of Love’s tidal wave.



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