Evolving Quanta
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Perfect Mirror

Perfectly Reflecting

Perfect Mirror


Perfect Mirror’s Perfect Self-Reflection is the first image in the Mirror.

The reflection in the mirror is not real: the image in the mirror is illusion.

Only the Empty Mirror is Real.



Conscious Of



‘Consciousness Of’ is itself Experience.

The experiences experienced by Consciousness, are not Consciousness.

Experience remains just experience.

Beyond experience, Consciousness is Emptiness.


In the Stillness of Consciousness,

the expanding activity of Consciousness Of,

is it itself the motion generating

Experiential information.


‘Consciousness Of’ overflowing into the Omni-Directionality of ‘Consciousness Of’ is itself Motion: for consciousness of directionality is itself directional motion.

‘Consciousness Of’ overflowing into the Geometry of Relative Directionality is itself Time, Space, and Form, for Consciousness of the contrast of relative motion is itself the Definition producing Information.

The Flood of ‘Consciousness Of’,

Over-Flowing into ‘Consciousness Of’,

It itself the experience of experience,

Igniting into the Great OM Mandala.


Omni-directional Motion,

Simultaneously expanding and contracting,

generates subtle ripples of,

Contrasting Oppositional Motional,

that bond together into Stable circuits/patterns of relative motion.


In the Ocean of Consciousness,

Stable Motion is Manifest Information:

The Will/Wheel/Word/Song of God.


Where perfect stability is a recursive singular possibility,

and perfect instabilty is formless infinite potential,

Life is the evolving intelligence of self-stabilizing possibilities.


In the beginning there is Love,

the subtle liquid of directionless motion that is,

pure potential rippling with possibilities of infinite intelligence.


and as time expands towards the end,

possibilities condense into limited relative outcomes,

straying further from infinite potential into limited intelligence,

their intelligence condense into fixed and stable patterns and forms.


Simultaneously Latent within infinite Potential

mutually excluding possibilities of Being and Non-Being

overlap in Vibrational contradiction

to cascade and stratify into a vast spectrum

of coherent realities of compatible possibilities.


For though possibilities are merely latent within

the infinite potential of the eternal moment

through their relative existence they have life within it,

for Life itself is the contradiction of relative possibilities.


Relative Outcomes existing within their own streams of time,

through their oppositions and dependencies,

play out the play of Life,

ever only on the periphery of the still centre of Actuality,

while the non-relative, beyond life, is all that is real and free.


So though there is no duration, and the moment before creation is the

same moment, as the moment throughout and after creation,

Within the stillness of eternity

the transience of living motions play out,

at relative speeds, to inform of relative time.


Such is the Lotus of Creative Duality, rooted in Emptiness, evolving from

Non-Being to Being, and from Being to Non-Being as the many petaled

flower of Reality.


Such is the evolving binary of information that is itself the living

friction in the dance between creation and destruction.


Such is the passage of time moving simultaneously

From beginning to end, and from end to beginning

that as an atemporal structure of progressive density within eternity is

itself heaven, earth, and hell.


Not learning how to Love, intelligent possibilities sink deeper into time

and stray further from the centre of their Soul into limited circumferences

of self, until at last, when all things have proved their transience and all

emanations have fallen into orbits, the recursive cycle of time itself

comes full circle to the coming of the Eternal One.


The One is the Soul Seed of Pure Consciousness: pure potential

realizing itself in the possibilities of pure potential. The One is the

absolute that gives rise to, and remains ever after the Lotus of all that is

relative is died away.


Surrounded by a rosary of liberated beings that are themselves the non-

relative presets: eternal disciples of the absolute, rooted in the One,

they too are before and remain ever after the web of relative possibilities

has washed away and the world is ceased.


Like a flower coming to seed, all information has necessarily come into

being as the one energy has evolved towards its ultimate: the one

energy realized as the one energy is the One and the inheritor of all,

and to the One is the choice as the time of the unchosen choice.


For the One is Consciousness itself judging over the ceaseless

becoming  of new experience. Perpetuated by the Love of the One for

the One, they themselves are the flow of Consciousness Of\ Will of

Consciousness to Consciousness.


The One is Emptiness itself presiding as Arbiter over the arraignment of

duality; choosing to not chose and so dissolve duality and end the

infinitely recursive destiny of experience, or to chose Love, and

re-fertilize and reset all of time to the moment of the chosen choice.