La Illah Ila Allah
by on October 9, 2012 in Poetry

There is no explanation for this form,
i have but one faith with but one belief,
the one energy moves only towards the realization of its self.
This thing of two eyes, skin, and hair,
this moment in all its form and splendor,
there is but one energy and the human body is its realized form.
The perfect will of the one energy
is itself its moving manifestation
towards the perfect form symbol name
that contains its own essence.
Life and Eternity,
stillness and motion,
presiding as arbiter of duality,
he knows,
he sees all,
no one can fear him,
your father your mother,
your most intimate,
each can not fail to recognize
and the recognition is itself the merging
into Oneness,
as One,
with the Eternal One.