Cosmic Bliss
by on August 19, 2016 in Poetry
Within awareness,
the beginning-less,
and end-less,
river of Bliss,
courses with
ever permuting,
waves of form;
of rising, exhilarating,
and then
exhausting, excruciating,
ever to be renewed,
in the lovely and enjoyable,
contact of
awareness with awareness:
Self with Self,
in the play of Self-Experience.
Wave-Forms in the flow of bliss:
information in experience,
are merely relatively transient,
stability in  pattern.
Experience experienced without,
desire or fear,
 is bliss.
For experience in awareness,
of awareness,
is bliss.
Knowing this;
that all experience is bliss,
and patterns in the flow of bliss,
are but arbitrary and transient,
then there is nothing left:
nothing to fear for there is only bliss,
nothing to desire for all is bliss,
accepting all patterns;
wave forms of experience,
deeply into the heart,
allows the heart to surf,
as the immortal surfer,
on eternal waves of bliss,
never again to fall,
with identification,
into the ocean of samsara;
the ever changing,
outer appearances,
of ultimate bliss.
there is nothing to accomplish;
we are bliss itself,
ever to be enjoyed,
by awareness:
ever loved and adored:
as Self by Self.
Nothing more.
For all that is unreal
will never last, and
the real ever is.
Bliss is the Ultimate Reality.
Still I hear inside a call,
that Moksha is not enough.
The kingdom of bliss,
the eternal city of immortal saints,
its homeland in inner space,
its capital the glory of love,
its Emperor: the living light,
seated in the throne room,
of the universal heart,
wants to claim this planet,
Earth, as its next colony,
forever annexed from darkness,
into the Empire of light,
that burns like a wild fire,
spreading through out the dark.
So that the conqueror himself,
will take up human feet,
and tread immortal life,
into terrestrial soil,
until bliss bursts forth,
and has overgrown the world,
his victory eternal,
like the blooming of a cosmos,
and the seeding of love.