Public Participation in Museums – Design Thinking Workshops
by on January 8, 2018 in Design

After a commission to undertake remote design research for Cube Design Museum, I was invited to the museum to undertake design research with the public on site. Based on that design research with the public I developed a range of design thinking workshops for the public that could then be led by museum staff. The workshops had to fit within the theme of a then ongoing exhibition within Cube about Toilet and Sanitation Design.

This first workshop is goes through the three basic phases of a design process, as defined by Cube as Ask, Imagine, Create, with a group of public to educate them about design-thinking and the sanitation in general. The following video describes how it works:

The second video is footage of this workshop being run with different groups of visitors:

The results of the workshop was often a sketch of a final speculative sanitation accessory. I further developed these funny sketches drawn by the public into a set of photoshop collages to further inspire visitors and make them feel their input was valued.