Moorish Ceramic Tile Designs for “Dry-Rope” Technique
by on January 8, 2018 in Design

I worked for Estudio Ceramico Barro Azul in Seville, Spain; a region that is famous for its decorative tile prints. While working there I learned a lot about the different styles and forms of decorative tile patterns, and ultimately fell in love with geometric Arabic style patterns.

I developed my own range of decorative style patterns for tiles for the company, as well as for several additional product categories. Here are some examples of the work they produce and sell:

To really design for the Ceramic Studio I spent time learning the “dry-rope” technique of apply glaze to pre-fired tiles.

Traditionally graphite is used a resistant because it burns away during the final firing. These patterns are traditional Moorish patterns left over from the time when Southern Spain was an Islamic nation.


These are some of the arabic patterns I developed for ceramic plate production for the studio. This collection is based on pre-existing arabic patterns:

This Collection is inspired by the traditional Arabic patterns, but offer more dynamic patterns, and a new fresh re-imaging of that style: