Eternal Fire
by on August 19, 2016 in Poetry



A great Lightning bolt stands burning in the day sky.

It stands like a tower of light, soaring beyond halos upon halos of clouds.

Stretching into the thinnest blue light of the sky,

into the deepest heavens beyond all sight,

bursting forth from the hypostasis of existence itself.

To the very core of the earth it carries its immortal cosmic power,

from divine dimensions beyond time, form, or knowing: the source of all life.

From her volcanic core, deep into the sky, the earth throws up a fiery offering to the Divine.

Where lightning ignites smoke and dust, living balls of lightning rise dancing in spirals through incandescent mists of fire and plasma

flashing and dazzling bright light from horizon to horizon up on to the most sacred heights.

All space resounds with the great roar of primordial sound, and on the wind,

rainbow colours and divine melodies sizzle and electrify, fizzing deep into the core of every heart.

The earth trembles and at once, precious gems and metals surface from the ground like so many bubbles rising from an ocean.

My being is this vast space,

within which an elemental spectrum enfolds countless realms,

with countless races of beings,

all of which sing and sigh their own rosary of heavenly breaths.

So deep, beyond understanding,

straining to contain but failing,

this incredible mystery of life.

My being aches with new energy.

My every cell swollen,  burning, bursting.

My every muscle tense, saturated,

My being straining, tearing, breaking,

Such intensity, smouldering, igniting, exploding.

Ablaze! Ablaze! Ablaze!

Like a volcano straining under so heavy a weight,

To throw off countless dark aeons of dormancy,

in one glorious burst of light.

Roaring, Roaring, a roaring through out the universe,

and the earth opens up,

a rolling flood of awakening,

a deluge of light,

and all I am is gone,

vanished into silence and light.