Logo & Meme – Personal Coach / Dance School
by on January 8, 2018 in Design

I have been commissioned by dance teacher and emotional intelligence coach Raquel Yanes to help create a web presence for her businesses, as well as develop an integrated social media advertising strategy.


So as the website is an empty landing page it seems that I will be starting from scratch with her. We need a logo, images, and content, etc.

These are her social media presences, with a recently started Instagram account:





Her social media presence is concentrated on meetup.com. Here she has her biggest group of followers. Her twitter account seems like a bit of a dead end because she hardly uses it. I feel setting up an email list is more important . She also wants to increase her likes on Facebook. In terms of integration I am going to have look into a social media integration platform like Hootsuite so we can better manage all the accounts and publish simultaneously to them all. More importantly is that we need to establish a mailing list, and drive a campaign for her followers to sign up to the mailing list. The mailing list will be a way to integrate her followers across all these platforms as well as bring followers to a point of conversion into customers.

Logo :

So I was asked to incorporate six colours as representations of the different emotions in emotional intelligence coaching. However I was asked not to use the word coaching in the Logo. In terms of general brand identity, as a coach, Raquel Yanes will be the brand: embodying herself. So in this case it is appropriate to use her initials because the commodity she is selling is personal contact time with her as a coach. Hence we must present her directly as the brand. After a few consultations we settled on this logo:

The nice thing here is that the R is the Y, but upside-down. So for example you can read it both ways on a business card. This ties in with the dynamic nature of her consultations which include physical exercises and movement. With a larger budget it maybe nice to eventually make this a dynamic animated logo to use on future videos or webpages.

Meme :

( This meme is for her dance school business, and uses a logo and colour scheme I didn’t design. )So continuing on with the idea of making Raquel Yanes herself her own brand image, I decided to it would be best to create a series of inspirational quote memes with professional photo shoot images of her in the bachground. This works well on two levels. Raquel is a beautiful woman and this will help create an intial attraction or pull of attention towards the meme. While the inspirational coaching quote relates directly to the coaching service Raquel provides. With the logo placed in the corner and a website url at the bottom, these memes provide a good repeatable format for new content which can be pushed through social media platforms, used as adverts, and put in newsletters.