Loving MahaMaya
by on September 27, 2016 in Poetry

devi_trinityThe end of suffering,

is the realization,

that no one suffered.

Images, floating up and

inevitably sinking,

in the stream of appearances:

Images, that identified with,

become the ‘I’: in turn,

attaching to images to suffer desire as they sink,

rejecting images to suffer fear as they rise:

The ‘I’, itself an image,

seeking healing and respite,

from the ceaseless flow of images,

is like a wave seeking sanctuary from a storm.

Do not blame MahaMaya for your own lack of love!

The one who suffers and resents illusion:

their very body, minds; the resentment itself, is MahaMaya!

The bridge that crosses the stream of appearances,

is unconditional love and surrender to illusion – no matter its form,

for illusion is but the conditional appearances of the unconditioned Self.

All these images,

apparently so opaque, and real:

burnt away weightless:

transparent in the Light,

and the selfless- Love,

of the selfless – Self.

The end of suffering,

is the realization,

that no one suffered.

When suffering and healing end,

the now unimpeded flow of appearances in awareness,

becomes life liberated: a celebration of the selfless-Self,

an eternal causeless river of love and bliss

through a dimensionless expanse of peace and emptiness.