Who Am I? – Self Enquiry Body Prints
by on January 6, 2018 in Art

Artist Julian Jay Roux uses “found object” and “body printing” to create spontaneous dharma art. This video documents the making of the self-enquiry series. The idea behind these prints is to express moments of self-enquiry: where we ask ourselves “Who am I?” in order to return to the awareness of being: of simply being: of “I AM”.

In these moments when I feel that I am only the sense “I am” the body is revealed to me as simply some contents within awareness and no longer my true self. This position of being and resting in pure “I am” doesn’t negate awareness of the body / mind but simply renders them transparent, because instead of the idea of being the body or mind, what you actually only ever experience is a series of sensations or contents.

I wanted to reflected this in vague undefined body/face prints: that the only reality of the body are the collection of sensations and persceptions rather than a defined person. Even in how these prints are made, we see that there is first the blank paper: available awareness, then the I is the first contents of that awareness, and then later, the vague jumble of sensations and thoughts that are the person are another layer on top of that basic “I AM”