The Adoration of Madonna
by on August 20, 2016 in Poetry


Bless me my Lords,

Bless me so that this one may write well while he can write,

for I have seen,

just as a baby moves from crawling to walking,

one day this one shall move beyond all words and the knowing of words,

and beyond all things that words can know.

This day i am a person,

may opportunities not be wasted,

may light shine into the depths of all being!


As the world is itself the Self manifest,

so the world is itself the Self’s self-manifest knowledge of the Self.


As Self-realization is the union of the Self with Self-Knowledge,

so incarnation into the world is the means of Self-realization:

for only through the world: the manifest information of the Self,

can the Self come to know the Self.


As the union of the soul with the world is life: the means of Self-Realization,

so it is that union with our Mother is the dawn of life,

for She is the world: Woman is the living Self-Knowledge of the Self.


A child with its mother,

is as the soul with the world,

for mother is a soul’s first contact with the material world.


Our mother is where we first learn to relate as one to an other.

Attachment to Our Mother is the soul’s attachment to the external world,

for our Mother is our first relation to the relative world,

and how we learn to relate to our Mother

is how we learn to relate as souls to the world:


Just as Woman was our gateway and initiated us into the mystery of life,

ever surrendered onto Her; Our mother is our first love, and our first Guru:

when we are fearful our mother’s warm love tempts us back into the present,

and when we are too brave in our desires our mother’s cold love denies us our illusions.


Totally dependent upon, while increasingly separate from Mother, the child that abides in surrender does not fall into attachment to the love it receives and stagnate in dependency, but rather receiving all gracefully and gratefully matures smoothly into its own Self-Love.

So is it with incarnate souls: for unripe hearts that become attached to what they receive, becoming increasingly separate from their source of love, become burnt by their own unnourished need for love, and with numb and hardened hearts, souls live in a bitter rejection of the world that feigns self-sufficiency, but is in truth a miscarriage of life; a self-perpetuating loveless unripeness: a living death of their own innate divinity in which only limited unconscious intelligence can subsist.

We must learn to sustain ourselves! As children we grew from receiving from others to giving to our Self, and in the fullness of maturity we left our Mother’s side to begin our own lives. So too as Souls we must mature into independence from the world! For the world is given, and as soul’s we receive it upon us, but we must learn to receive our Self, so that we may be full with our Self, and in the fullness of Self-love be freed from receiving and abiding in the world and finally come to abide in our Self and to give to the world

The journey of the ripening heart to full maturation, is the journey of the soul to its fullest union with the world which is life’s fruition: Self merging fully with Self Knowledge.

For all that has come into manifestation is of the Self – all manifest forms are the names by which the Self may know the Self – by which the Self may adore the Self. Creation is the alter by which the Self may come to know, worship, and adore the Self – Life is the eternal ceremony of Self  Knowledge and Self Adoration.

This is the adoration of higher and higher names, from the flowing river of life to the essence of life that animates all things: the ocean of love, transcendence itself.

Will will never be involved.

It is Divine Love

It is as natural as Life

A Divine Event

The purpose of creation

It is Life.

Which is the One’s will.

It is two freely flowing lives,

merging like rivers,

into Oneness.

For once a soul can love, it can give love, and in the giving and receiving love, it can share love, and love can multiply.

And in the full maturity of love; when the flower of love comes to full bloom and the soul sits as a ripe seed in its center, like a Buddha ablaze in the center of a self-manifest light lotus, then the soul has reached full bloom – sowing the seeds of love into the world as part of the single natural process of coming to maturity: the soul’s movement from receiving to sustaining itself, to sustaining the world.

For we are the seeds of creation, and galaxies are our flowers, this cycle of life, of Self-knowledge, of Self Adoration – immortal eternal undying unborn Love.