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Mythic Dragons: A Story-Telling


Here is my first video of the Dragon Creation Myth. This is a story I wrote and came up with for perfomance infront of 200-300 people at the Dartmoor Arts summer school festival.

The story has evolved somewhat since then, and even since this last video. So if I find the time I may re-do a video of this story with the updated plot. The audio on this upload is not great. I may re-upload it with increased volume.

The creation myth is something that really touches the deep mythic heart in all. Life is such a rare and strange miracle it is simply to vast to understand. Where as we may try to subdue the anxiety of the mystery with science, man is at his core a mythic dreamer. I dare say just as vibration will order sand on a plate, it is our astral and mythic blue-prints that orders our daily consciousness and life. So a mythic story taps at our essential core.

For this story I deconstruct reality by using the device of repeatedly taking us “back before …” This works really well to clear the stage for a blank canvas from which we can launch a really mythic story.

I also use a bit of song and hand gestures to break up the narration. I could use more dialogue between the dragons, but I am reluctant to flesh out Fred the silence dragon and the others because they are useful symbols. But I think I could flesh Fred the dragon out and make Tom the dragon the bully dragon that later becomes the beggar?

The point of the play is make us question our reality, and realize our power to manifest form through thought, word, and vibration, while ultimately reminding us that we are first the formless, prior and beyond all form.

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