• Presence

    Only through my presence, can I come to the presence.

  • Just Love

    No separate volumes are there to horizonless Being:

  • A Gift of Living Love

    Self, No longer bound by identity with the image, bridles the gnashing bite of suffering, and mounts as master the living image of its own projection.

  • The Silencing

    Like a fragile butterfly crossing an abyss, the voice born in speech, that dies in silence, clings to existence, with endless comment.

  • Loving MahaMaya

    Do not blame MahaMaya for your own lack of love! The one who suffers and resents illusion: their very body, minds; the resentment itself, is MahaMaya!

  • Beloved Stranger

    "My heart aches in my chest, and every cell of my body buzzes with the longing to be near you."

  • Lightning Dragon

    "Illuminating depthless Oblivion, A lightning bolt of ultimate power!"

  • Wisdom Heart

    "As Ignorance is the circumference of a Closed-Heart, So Wisdom is the ever enduring Love of a Wide-Open-Heart!"

  • Tat Gu Ru Ji

    "As limited Possibilities are no measure of Infinite Potential, So limited structures can only be representations of existence and not Existence itself."

  • I love her

    " ... i have known you, and know you, i have seen you, and see you ... "

  • En3rgy

    " ... As a Flame is Energy released from form, so then Consciousness is being released from Identity ... "

  • Pure Longing for Transcendence

    " ... While I am here it whispers my true name; a wonderful music, the sweetest melody, ever new throughout all eternity ... "

  • A burning pathway

    "... The pinnacle of the ancient pyramid above the world the final stairway, where all paths begin and end ... "

  • La Illah Ila Allah

    "There is but one energy and the human body is its realized form."

  • The Divine Promise

    "what trivial game is this world i open my eyes to? His feet walking. His feet. A promise."

  • Countless

    "For in the sacred chambers of every Heart, thunders the eternal pronunciation, of the One True Name"

  • Uni Verse

    A call and response song with a melody spontaneously determined in the moment.

  • Evolving Quanta

    "The One is Emptiness itself presiding as Arbiter over the arraignment of duality..."

  • Warriors of the Now

    "Our heart’s, too much like fragile flowers, exposed and alone in the cold of night, yearning for the sun, and failing in the frost."

  • The Adoration of Madonna

    "As the world is itself the Self manifest, so the world is itself the Self’s self-manifest knowledge of the Self."

  • Young Whale

    "In her slip stream of grace, we fly weightless in horizonless love."

  • Beyond Dreams upon Dreams

    "... here, now, from the unconditioned, taste, the ultimate miracle, unconditional love ..."

  • Cosmic Snow

    " ... At ease with existence, deeply at ease, eternally at ease... "

  • Twin Flames

    "until she and i are gone, gone beyond, beyond all time, space, and form, eternally vanished into love."

  • Nobody

    "he has already forgotten, the path behind him."

  • Unified Field

    "... all quanta awoken; dissolved, unified, as hollow particles of information, into the medium of infinite mystery..."

  • Eternal Fire

    " Where lightning ignites smoke and dust, living balls of lightning rise dancing in spirals through incandescent mists of fire and plasma flashing and dazzling bright light from horizon to horizon up on to the most sacred heights... "

  • The Karmic Garment

    "All names call me, and it is I alone that calls out, ever only to my Self."

  • A Rose from a Stranger

    "horizonless love, is all there is, and all there ever was."

  • Born as Mercy

    "... to abide in omniscience, and then to dive once more, into time, and once more, into space ..."

  • Union with the Enemy

    "... a flame: a hole in the world; a Phurba of brightest primordial light, both weapon and medicine..."

  • The Desire for Birth

    "You Voices crying out for Silence, are my unborn brothers and sisters, lost and entangled in my Mother's womb!"

  • Bear Witness

    There is only one center, one Atma, one heart as vast as space. ESSENTIALLY, FUNDAMENTALLY, ALWAYS."

  • Cosmic Bliss

    " ... The kingdom of bliss, the eternal city of immortal saints, its homeland in inner space ... "