A Humble Cup of Tea


This is the child of my love-affair with press-moulding. I love the hand-making process of press-moulding. I wanted to honestly express the humanity of this very manual human process by honouring and playing on the potential for beautiful imperfection that this process has. In the finish is a play between the smooth glazed surfaces, and the highly textured unglazed surfaces.


I felt the best application for this feeling is a Tea set because our hands are so involved in the ceremony of Tea drinking. The imperfections in hand pressed surface gives us a subtle permission to be imperfect, to accept ourselves, and to be casual and at ease with ourselves. I felt this atmosphere of ease was best suited for application in a social product, so applying this finish to a Tea set to be shared by family or intimate friends was the natural choice.

For the Tea Cups i experimented with soft warm tones, as well as various thickness and weights to give the right feeling.

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