Ceremonial Balcony



A Balcony as bridge between architectural form and spatial emptiness. Using metal grid floors to create a gradient from solid surface to an open net, the balcony is a plain that dissolves into the sky.

I made a series of metal grid form studies to explore what was possible with the material. The aim was to achieve a gradient between solid form and empty space. I was not able to achieve a mathematically precise “sunflower” grid that begins with solid form and ends with space, so in the end I chose a random nest style metal grid.

The central pit of the balcony is for a ceremonial fire, where form dissolves into flame, perhaps for cremations. The balcony as a meeting point between form and emptiness, is a place where we can reflect on the form dissolving back into the formless.

I would like to take the project further by experimenting with reinforced glass rather than metal. By printing the gradient from solid black to an open grid of lines, or from opaque to transparent, i think the same sensation of the balcony dissolving into the sky could be achieved, with more control, safety, and grace.

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