Cosmic Snow


I see,
a landscape, snow.
snow from horizon to horizon,
and beyond the horizon,
where moon lit snowflakes
mingle with countless galaxies of stars,
and snowy summits
reach out into intergalactic space,
the moon,
like the all-seeing eye of existence itself
“Hallo Universe!”
“I Love you!”
an angel smiles,
“I Love you!”
and the wind!
like an invisible dragon,
dancing around me,
like a re-united friend!
“I Adore you!”
The light in my heart,
will never go out,
This Love is eternal.
This bond of friendship unbreakable.
This joy is the fundamental basis of reality,
and this is all there is,
in the twilight of unknowing,
love is the music, the wind,
the dance, the embrace,
the conversation, the river,
the ocean,
and all its splendid ripples and waves,
i bow to my brothers and sisters everywhere.
Every being is my friend!
Every realm is my home!
At ease with existence,
deeply at ease,
eternally at ease,
there is only gratitude, joy,
and boundless Love.

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