Bodies come,

and go.


what name calls out to the primordial silence?


Countless as autumn leaves on a forest path

are the incarnations One must tred underfoot

on the path of evolutionary incarnation.


So many mortal names

have drummed the living skin of eternity.


what need is there for a name,

to call to attention,

One that is always and eternally present?


To name thy Self!


Incarnate I am

and every beat of my living heart,

stitches me into the causal fabric of the world.


To know thy Self as the One Existence,

is the mystic purpose of every Heart

that stitches the eternal into time

and the formless into form.


For in the sacred chambers of every Heart,

thunders the eternal pronunciation,

of the One True Name;

the realized knowledge of existence;

the secret mystery of life.

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