Living Water Shower Heads


Based on design research into the material properties of water, these shower heads are designed to realize a user experience of all the life and possibilities in water.

Unlike the industrial form of the common chrome shower head that reflects a conception of the shower as a washing machine, the biotic forms of these shower heads honour water as the element of life.  The straight thin lines of water from the common shower head are an attempt to control the inherent freedom of water, and ignore all water’s many inherent possibilities for form.

Indeed the very quality that water does not have a fixed form was the foundation of the design concept for these Living Water Shower Heads. At the root of the design is the user experience of playing with water: of the user shaping the water into their own forms; making it theirs, and giving it their own meanings. The Living Water Shower Heads allow us to become more intimate with water, to play and to experience water as it is.

Rubber with an interior copper skeleton, that is pliable but remains in place. The result is a user experience of shaping water, while at the same time pointing to the intelligence and life in water as an element.

Stainless Steel spoons are used as ready-made parabolic plates to focus water into jets. Mounted on pliable copper the parabolic plates can be adjusted to shape the water from a broad diffusion to a single stream. With biotic forms and nature as a fundamental theme in the design, a final prototype was developed that better stressed the inherent poetry of a blossoming flower in the form:

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