Making Community – Guru Purnima 2012

Guru Purnima is a time when students re-affirm their commitment to their teacher. The collection of students around a Teacher is known in Buddhism as a Sangha. As a community of students, the Sangha is a collective well of wisdom and experience, and a powerful support for individual students. To reaffirm and seal our connection to each other as well as our Teacher,  and to express our collective gratitude for our Teacher, I asked the members of my Sangha if they would like to make a gift for Her together.

I asked everyone to pick a bead that they felt best represented their individual essence, and a pearl; that represents our universal essence. From all the pearls and beads, sent by mail from across the globe, I selected a balanced selection of pearls and beads to create a 108 stone mala. In this way the Mala of beads around our Teacher’s neck symbolizes the sangha around our Teacher. So even if not everyone could physically be there for Guru Purnima, they could still be there in spirit.


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