Motorway Membrane

Motorway: The Enhanced Experience of Landscape.

The construction of a motorway is the engineering of a vast artificial landscape. To integrate the motorway into the existing landscape this design proposes to use the motorway to create an enhanced experience of that landscape, for both the driver and resident.   The idea behind using a membrane of organic cell shapes as a sound barrier/vegetation climbing frame, is to break up the hard industrial lines of the motorway .  By allowing the  vegetation to grow over the membrane a natural gradient is created that aesthetically blends the motorway into the surrounding landscape, for local residents this helps hide the hard lines of the motorway on the horizion, while also acting as a sound barrier. The membrane casts an organic pattern of shadows on the road during the day, and during the night, the lights are placed non-reptitive a-symmetrical pattern: both these devices break up the hard lines and industrial repetition of the motorway.   To actively enhance the experience of the landscape the membrane also uses elevation and view lines to create new views out over the landscape. Where there is water in the landscape, the motorway enhances the experience of that waterby using the different layers of infrastructure to create a waterfall, that both drivers and residents can experience.

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