Pure Longing for Transcendence


I hear music now,

for they are celebrating a change within me,

I will rise, and I will wake,

and I won’t stop or stagnate,

In the fire of transmutation:

flames of the shapeless flux,

of possibilities in exponential multiplication,

burn bright until their spark ignites,

into a blazing star of pure potential.

I am Energy.

No side road for me into the cyclical lesson-journey of a fixed self-nature,

Nor shall I condense to rest on any step on the stairway of evolutionary incarnation.

I’ll keep going straight till that Holy Point is reached!

That’s it Now.

I feel it in Me.

My mind’s doubts and my heart’s humility no longer cast shadow,

on what my soul intuits.

And I am filled with the strength of certainty

when my Heart Whispers:

My Final Lesson has Begun.

I’ll pass through all the colours,

Beyond the base ones,

Beyond all the rainbow hues,

Beyond the subtle and Beyond Gold Too.



While I am here it whispers my true name; a wonderful music,

the sweetest melody,

ever new throughout all eternity,

I am Silence,


Emptiness intones my name.

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