Social Fabric

Social Fabric is an explorative design project into incorporating community and communal making into the design and production process. As a Buddhist I belong to a ‘sangha’ which is the community of students around a Dharma teacher.

Social Fabric follows on from a project where I asked everyone in the sangha to pick a bead that they felt best represented their individual essence, and a pearl; that represents our universal essence. The result was a beautiful and very meaningful necklace.

For Social Fabric I asked them if they would each give me a single ball of wool which I would weave together. I asked everyone to pick out their favourite colour, texture, and type of wool. So I ended up having a rainbow of wools, which I refined by spinning my own yarns to create a smoother colour gradient. The total amount of wool also defined that the woven product would be a thick shawl

Together, these projects taught me that the process of making is as important as what is made. They also taught me that community is an activity, not a state. These insights were a quantum leap in my practice as a designer.

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