The Teapot Expo

The Teapot Expo started with a conversation. At the heart of the project was the desire to help some friends that just opened a café attract customers, while at the same time help promote my fellow design academy students.

From this positive intention the project basically manifested itself; the concept simply mobilizing resources and will power that was already there but that was until then untapped.

I designed the exhibition furniture to hang on a rail the cafe had placed on the wall to hang paintings. I choose to have the hanging shelves at different heights to express that the different teapots were made by different designers. Everyone chipped in 15 euros for the budget including printing, so I worked with basic MDF and sheet metal steel to make cheap and easy to produce shelves.

Poster text:

The Teapot Expo showcases a large collection of ceramic teapot designs and form studies by Design Academy students.

Dutch Design is typically aggressively self-conscious. So much so that almost everything is forced into a statement designed to dazzle, shock, and overwhelm its audience.

These humble student teapot form studies are refreshingly authentic, uncontrived, and fun. It is in this spirit that this teapot expo was put together: to make design accesible, and show how designer’s and their designs can be both approachable and human.

Expo initiative, identity, design, and project management by JJRoux.Com

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