The Desire for Birth



Resting in inner space,

a golden orb of energy,

with  a point of eternal light at its core:

the subtle anatomy of a soul,

resting in sublime bliss:

neither projecting nor receiving information.


In the refuge of this rarefied realm,

so subtle, desire can not even target it,

so beyond migration and the theater of information,

such souls are rarely visited.


But Lo! there are some who now approach:

compassionate deities

with the desire to instill

the desire for birth

in this Arhat soul!


Subtle and divine as these compassionate beings maybe,

but even their desire is sordid in this desire-less place.

Gross like marauding bandits; infected with desire,

they seek to spread their muck; of desire & identity; of time & space.


Sensed on their approach – the Arhat star,

pulses a vibrational shockwave of wind and light:

“Leave my Presence or be Destroyed.”

To which the beings sing a reply in gentle and melodious vibrations:

“It is time, come down.”


“Ignorance regurgitating Ignorance,

Where is my Mother?”

“You are Called! Descend!”

“You can not transmit the Karmic Momentum you are in bondage to to me.

No name can Summon Me. Only Silence can call Me.”

“Hear Us! Chose Compassion!

Tread the Dream,

take feet and make steps..”

“You try to sing me to Sleep, to drag me down!

What outrage! Subtle beings betray their Own!”

“All in Love!”

“I defy density! For this I’ll destroy you!”

“Liberate us indeed!

We are the face of your Mother,

Love us too!

Lusting for liberation, you are a Brat!”


“You Voices crying out for Silence,

are my unborn brothers and sisters,

lost and entangled in my Mother’s womb!

Then, like Shiva’s Lingam, I will thrust myself into the matrix of reality,

and re-fertilize the lotus of information with my seed of pure potential.

Oh Sweet Shakti Mother, we will be the greatest lovers!

As we synchronize and align our rhythms,

into higher and higher spirals of pervading contact,

our orgasmic fluid love will be the birthing, flood, and bliss of creation.”


“May the seed of the New cosmos be well sewn!”



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