The Live Train Travel Experience


Researching the Train Travel Experience, it becomes clear that most commuters simply travel from urban centre to urban centre, catching only fleeting glimpses of the landscape they travel through. Infact in most cases train travel could be compared to entering a sealed room and closing the door, waiting, and then stepping out again in a new urban destination.

Windows provide some awareness that travel is actually taking place, but even so, research shows that most travel time is spent passing through urban areas with very little depth of field from the windows. In order to give passengers a better sense of travelling I thought it would help to connect passengers better with the landscape they are passing through.

In order to do that this project proposes to place cameras throughout the landscape the train is travelling through and relaying a live video feed to the passenger on train – through smart phone or screens placed in the train. This small intervention connects the traveller with landscape they pass through.

Commuters that pass by cities between their home and their work without ever stepping out can now suddenly get a window into the life of the city and what goes on their. Simillarly regular communters passing by a forest area can develope a bond with local wild life by watching, day by day, birds building their nest, lay eggs, and eventually watching them hatch one by one and ultimately fly away. Over a single season regular communters would have seen the daily struggle of “their” bird family; encouraging empathy and compassion with local wild life.



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