Universal Human

Humanity as a universal principle. What does it mean to be human; a universal human?

On an intercontinental flight I once took they were playing Mr.Bean. Even in this international context, the plane was syncronized in laughter. Mr. Bean’s shows us humour is prior to language, even culture. This is something much discussed in the subject of Homo Ludens.

There is a little bit of Mr. Bean in all of us . Humour unites humanity. It is a universal part of our human nature. Humour is prior to conceptual thought and therefore prior to language, ideology, theology, culture, and identity. Humour is even prior to physiology, prior to race, physical condition, gender, and age.  Humour is existential and therefore universal; and as such a force towards unity.

The exhibition showed Mr. Bean within different ethnic groups with a final interactive poster, where people could see their face in a mirror  that replaced Mr. Beans face. The portraits were sourced from google images where they existed, and photoshopped the rest.

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