Water Cycling Habitation Concept

Parabolic geometry shows us clearly the poetry of harmony and order inherent in all natural systems. Like all of Nature’s creations, the parabole represents a perfect synergy of form and function.


Drinking Water is set to become the Earth’s most precious resource. Along with a shift to renewable energy resources, Society faces a stark re-organization of its social and economic infrastructure to adjust to these new conditions. This pavilion represents the roof of a new habitation concept where rain water and solar energy is collected in a synergistic plant-powered water filtration system.

Inside the concave paroble a number of green houses shelter a hydroponic water filtration system where the roots of diverse plants act as active water purifiers. The hydroponics system simultaneously vitalizes the water as it filters by passing the water through the golden spiral geometry of the plumbing system.

The rooves of the green houses act as reflectors set in parabolic alignment, so that together they form a giant parabolic dish focusing the power of the sun. The collected solar energy is then used in a thermosyphon/ Heron’s fountain water system that simultaneously heats and circulates water around the habitation. So the warmer the weather gets, the more the water circulates.

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