Wiki Wayfinding

The concept is to create an open online wayfinding database related to physical locations by creating wayfinding points with an individual QR code. The wiki wayfinding system could then be implented by local goverments in an official way, or by local communities in unoffical ways by piggy backing off existing wayfinding infrastructure to create a network of wayfinding points.


Users can use the wiki wayfinding database as a search engine. Entering the origin and destination, the search engine will find a route for you that takes you past cultural sites for a “Tour”, commercial sites for “lunch”, or nature site for “Nature”.

When users scan a QR code with a smartphone they are given 3 simple buttons to find near by cultural, commercial, or nature sites.


Thanks to the online wikipedia-style wayfinding database, locations can be reviewed, rated, and added by users. With a live wayfinding database the wayfinding system keeps automatically up to date with the changing urban landscape. So when new businesses start up they can add themselves to the approriate category, and the database willl automatically plug them in to the nearest QR-code wayfinding points. This system allows local residents to add detailed site specific knowledge, for example when and where to forage for mushrooms, see specific bird species, or even the best time and place to sun bath.




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