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Introducing my latest Transpersonal Design project. #Purgemind is a meme designed as a medicine and weapon in the battle between Transpersonal consciousness and our collective Zeitgeist: the movement in collective consciousness that produces real culture – v.s – the Cultural Engineers: the people who control and direct the narrative of culture to control and direct human consciousness into simplistic psychological subsistence instead of optimal psychological development.

Here the Elite Noam is talking about are the Cultural Engineers I am referring to. He concludes that the end result of propaganda is a world-view skewed in the interests of the Elite. I would argue more fundamental than the contents of the world-view; it is the manipulation of the individual’s state of consciousness that is the target of propaganda.

It is an attempt to impede, thwart, and sabotage higher levels of transpersonal psychological development: where immaturity is nurtured so the selfish individual at the ego or personal stage of psychological development can function in a broader society ordered by the assumption of self-interest and selfishness.

At higher levels of transpersonal psychological development, the individual ego is subsumed in higher, transpersonal, frames of reference: the community, the planet, humanity at large: the unity of life. We can see burgeoning transpersonal consciousness in spontaneous undirected de-centralized mass-movements that are the manifestation of our collective Zeitgeist.

#PurgeMind is essentially an anti-propaganda project, that attempts to deprogram and purge the insidious influence of propaganda from the mind. We all start off with an un-opinionated and open mind: open to new ideas and perspectives with no strong feelings either way, but the subtle all-pervading persuasive influence of propaganda slowly constipates our un-opinioated open-mind until it becomes a highly opinionated closed-mind. #PurgeMind is designed to be a mental laxative to stimulate the purge of unquestioned and subconsciously absorbed bias and belief: an anti-brainwash.

What is propaganda?

Propaganda is tricky to pin down, because all free expression of opinion is essentially propaganda: influencing the own opinions of others. However there is a level of “spin” and disinformation going on in the main stream media that can hardly be called anything else than brainwashing.

Brainwashing uses psychological association and other visual techniques to subvertly influence opinion. – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Propaganda_techniques


Not so subtle from BK. You might even think it is a joke. But this is how “sub”- liminal images works: it is almost below the radar of conscious perception.

mesaje_subliminale_1 subliminal

What do you think of MAOAM now?


It like the Mc Donald’s catch phrase “I’m Loving it”. It is their catchphrase because they hope if you hear it enough you will believe it = brainwashing. They are not asking you; it is not a discussion about the pros and cons of Mc Donald’s; they are not debating with you the dietary value, sustainability, or even the flavour of Mc Donalds. The catchphrase is just trying to trick your brain with repetitive association.

Repetitive association is how the brainwashing game works. The Cultural Engineers expose you to an image or an idea, over and over again, through as many channels, pages, and billboards, until finally your brain associates, lets say, owning Nikes with being popular or whatever their agenda is: muslims with terrorism for example. They are hacking culture, they are essentially trying to hack the Zeitgeist by implanting enough of the same data in as many individuals as possible so it will have a collective imprint on the overall Zeitgeist.

How do you combat Propaganda?

Like all good transpersonal design the #PurgeMind meme will not create new content. It is about curating what is already there: within, and produced by, the Zeitgeist: our collective consciousness albeit through individual vertexes. The solution to the delusions or ignorance presented in propaganda / advertisements as represented in a key images is simply to curate those images next to the reality, or missing context of that image to deconstruct the persuasive or associative effect of that image. Dissonance. Cognitive Dissonance.

The theory of cognitive dissonance focuses on how humans strive for internal consistency. An individual who experiences inconsistency tends to become psychologically uncomfortable, and is motivated to try to reduce this dissonance, as well as actively avoid situations and information likely to increase it. – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cognitive_dissonance

Hence the name: #purgemind. The idea is quite simple: by putting reality next to unreality, reality makes the unreality obvious. So the magic formula for the anti-brainwashing meme is literally to select a brainwashing image sample: an image repeatedly bombarded into you in an attempt to associate something with another – and put that image – next to an image of reality or a missing context that bursts the bubble or breaks the spell.

Once the image used in repetitive association is itself associated with reality, cognitive dissonance should actually make the propaganda image less effective with each repeated exposure. It just like being told lie, once you know its a lie, even if you want to believe it, the more you hear it, the more you can no longer believe it anymore.

The graphic layout for the meme is such:



The text box is introduced at the bottom because most good memes have a text hook to draw you in, and because a question provokes the mind into a reflective attitude. And it is that reflective attitude that at once inhibits and collapses the effect of repetitive association. The Brainwashing sample is on the left, and the reality sample is on the right because we usually read from left to right. The text is white on black because images will usually be lighter and eyes move from dark to light.

I aim to use images that are visually similar in tone and graphical composition. This helps the reality sample become associated with the propaganda sample. It is not always possible to do this, but its better to try.

These are the first five prototypes of the #PurgeMind Meme. Like all good memes that stay topical, I am starting with an Xmas series because at the time of posting it is christmas time. So these #PurgeMind memes deal directly with deconstructing Christmas ignorance/propaganda.

purge_mind_01_xmas purge_mind_02_xmas purge_mind_03_xmas purge_mind_04_xmas purge_mind_05b_xmas

I am going to assess these with friends before releasing them on to twitter and Facebook etc.  The aim is to collect enough collaborators that this meme goes viral.

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