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22 Projects shaping the Future of Sanitation and Toilets
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This video is a good intro to this list of Future Toilets. The developing countries need solutions for their massive sanitation issues. Like the guy says “the problem is not just technological, it is cultural.” Resolving the sanitation problems of developing countries is the main driver in toilet R&D driving the technology behind the toilets […]

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Introducing my latest Transpersonal Design project. #Purgemind is a meme designed as a medicine and weapon in the battle between Transpersonal consciousness and our collective Zeitgeist: the movement in collective consciousness that produces real culture – v.s – the Cultural Engineers: the people who control and direct the narrative of culture to control and direct […]

Transpersonal Design
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I want to share my transpersonal¬†approach¬†to design with you. It’s an approach that has crystallized out of my continued design practice and out of a common thread of thought and feeling that is present in all of my most sincere and self-initiated projects. My dissertation: “Making and the Transpersonal Future” sets the scene. Within the […]