Tat Gu Ru Ji
by on October 9, 2012 in Poetry

Awareness is itself Existence, for Oblivion unobserved by Oblivion is not. Awareness is itself the Ultimate Substance: Intrinsic and Irreducible and so not a structure of an other substance.

Awareness is the Great and Joyous Living Substance of Existence itself, exploring every possible limited structure it can make as it strives to fully express its Self, striving to fully know its Self, striving to fully realize its Self.

As limited Possibilities are no measure of Infinite Potential, So limited structures can only be representations of existence and not Existence itself.

And yet, through the process of Self-Knowledge, that is itself Creation unfolding in the Eternal Moment, evolving through many stages of identifying with limited representations of its Self, each incorporating a greater knowledge and deeper realization of its Self, Existence at last arrives at perfect knowledge of its Self, fully naming its Self: Existence realizing itself as Existence.

So Emptiness striving to realize itself, tries to contain itself, finally building the perfect vessel, like Unity coming to Point, Emptiness containing Emptiness realizes itself.

Such is Consciousness baptizing itself in its river of Consciousness-Of,

Such is the Father named in the Son.

For the One, as the Perfect Representation of Existence, is himself the realization of Existence: is himself Existence realizing itself as Existence, and is the crowning jewel in the crown of an Enlightened Earth.