The Karmic Garment
by on March 29, 2014 in Poetry

the karmic garment:
causality woven into thought;
habitual yet adaptive:
a reactive intelligence:
a self sustaining equilibrium
that one calls ‘me’
and honours as a person: the subject
exalted beyond the object: the impersonal:
exalted as other to and above
the common thermodynamic destiny,
of the one energy.

who i am,
is so much more
than this fleeting human experience.
so framed in three dimensions,
so isolated in name and form.
this individual continuum,
so narrow so alone.

All names call me,
and it is I alone that calls out,
ever only to my Self.

the confines of no name
can contain me
for what I am
ever overflows:
all permeating omnipresence.
I am all names at once,
and in the same instance,
beyond them all.

I am the pig, the cow, the chickens,
I am the flowers, the stones,
I am all men, all women, all trees,
the clouds, the sky, the oceans.
And beyond these three dimensions,
chained in linear time,
I am pure freedom,
unmanifest potential,
I am the free and formless energy:
the one pure light
from which all things dancingly arise,
and to which all things return.