Twin Flames
by on April 6, 2013 in Poetry

the clouds effervesce with light in rhythm with the words that she spoke without speaking,

and all around us a mystic wind of flowing light, and all i could do was keep breathing,

Lightning flashed in her eyes as she pierced into my mind as silent as an eagle diving,

she took hold of me, my personality stilled, my mind silenced,

and as though through the eye of a hurricane that she had opened,

my self poured into my self,

my blind-fold scattered,

as sudden and as definitive as the sky’s lightning striking earth,

I remembered who I am.

and from within me an eruption like  a cobra so suddenly rising

and in an instance, it all unfolded,

all prophecies fulfilled by grace,

my heart’s every true wish granted,

soft as love’s sweet and tender music,

my ear’s falling deeper into its cushion,

until she and i are gone,

gone beyond,

beyond all time, space, and form

eternally vanished into love.