Union with the Enemy

Union with the Enemy
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He is a mystery to me;

this reptillian anti-buddha.


In his eyes,

the unknowable motives of an immortal.


In his look,

a flash of recognition,

ignites the black fire of an ancient hatred.


His cold scaly hands lunge forward

to choke my throat,

and in his touch I learn of him;

of his unspeakable crimes.


This unimaginably hostile psychic force,

more ancient than form and the manifest world,

This dreamer of worlds, creating illusions; entire realities,

to entrap souls and delay for aeons their divine journey.


How many collective dream worlds

throughout the cosmos has this being

poisoned and hijacked and turned

into inescapable prison hells?


This inter-dimensional tyrant,

breeder of demons,

corrupter of souls:

he wants this world.


Through his touch, I learn too,

what he recognizes in me,

and why he lunged,

to now strangle my throat.


Our meeting is karmic,

and has occurred countless times,

and in endless guises.


We have battled through countless incarnations,

with psychic violence and illusion.


Having both become transcendentally aware,

we battle now to entrap the other,

in billion aeon thick layers of illusion,

to sabotage and miscarry future incarnations,

with madness, obstructions, and devolving births.


He battles to entrap the creative power,

of our star like subtle anatomy,

in a fish net of illusion.

I fight to set us free.


This day he has grabbed my throat

to stop me weaving illusions out of mantra.

He projects the illusion of fire,

should I falter would I burn.


But today is late in the cycle-wheel of ages,

and I have learned what my lost brother has yet not.

Mantra, Illusion; vibration and form,

merely manipulate, and can not generate.

As Truth needs no words,

the ultimate reality of Love has no form.


One with the Source,

I open my heart to him,

and no vibration or form,

can hold or contain:


no limited possibility,

can express the eternal actuality of

the infinite creative force;

the ineffable,

unconditional love

that now issues forth.


A flame: a hole in the world;

a Phurba of brightest primordial light,

both weapon and medicine;

with total clarity and absolute compassion

I smash through his third-eye,

walk as a naked flame into his heart,

setting him ablaze with unconditional Love

that vibrating like an earthquake

through out the mandala of his being,

shatters to pieces the root image of his individuation,

liberating us both.


All dualities subliminated, transcended:

through out all plains of existence,

the illusion of enemy never more,

and through out all plains of existence,

the eternal victory of Love.


Here in,

a new model for conflict,

where opposing forces,

liberate each other,

from the bondage of their causal momentum,

and in stillness,

find unity, peace, and freedom.




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