Young Whale
by on April 6, 2013 in Poetry

I follow my mother,
moving with the changing currents,
and ever-new shades blue,
of That – endless space.

In her slip stream of grace,
we fly weightless in horizonless love.

In the cool deep darkness we go,
beyond pitch black we disappear.

Luring the unguided with false lights,
the luminous giant squid of mind;
its uncurling tentacles changing form,
to capture the weak by their attachment.

We go deeper, into empty luminous dark,

where senses and experience cease,

and in this void of information,

the sense of “I” is all that awareness holds;

the only compass registering an existence.

Aware of nothing else but this “I”,

Soon enough a pole-shift occurs,

and this “I” becomes the whale,

and awareness becomes the ocean.